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prayers of a modern mary

My name is Mary-Clare. That’s not the name I was born with, it’s the name God gave to me. My patron saint is St. Mary Magdalene, so the Mary part is for her and for Mother Mary. Clare is for St. Clare of Assisi.

I’m spiritually intuitive, and live my spirituality through prayer, mysticism (especially that of St. Francis and St. Clare), liturgy, Eucharist, and writing. I’m one of the annoying Anglo-Catholic Episcopalians, and I have a unique ability to make priests facepalm, swear, or give me a special blessing using their middle finger.

I’m certainly not your ordinary kind of person. I grew up in a cult and what could only be described as a horror flick. This left me with a great need for Jesus, 12-step recovery, mental and chronic illnesses, and a need to discover who God created me to be.

My best spiritual formation has happened through prayer, hence the name Formed by Prayer.

most recent writing

I commend my soul to God my Creator, who made me of nothing and created me in the divine image; to Jesus my Savior, who loves me and gave himself for me; to the Holy Spirit, by whom I was sealed in baptism and who sanctifies me; into thy hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit.

currently reading

Twenty Mysteries Aleksandr Jackson
The Foundations of Mysticism Bernard McGinn
The Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous
Writing in the Dark Tim Waggoner

current projects

Mary Leads Us to Her Son: Praying the Rosary and Finding Jesus
Part rosary meditations and part spiritual memoir

Purple Moon Tattoo: Redeeming the Unholy
Speaking about the darkness and finding the light of Christ

Videos coming soon!!!

I write prayers, poems, nonfiction essays, fiction, and articles. I also make rosaries and prayer beads, offer video tutorials, and write books. When I’m not working on these projects, I write horror with Christian themes.

my portfolio

Check out some of my work that has been published elsewhere.

Becoming Mary-Clare: The Gift of Naming (in which I tell the story of how God gave me my name).
Prayer Bead Prayers for LGBTQ Children of God (for use on Anglican prayer beads)

basic beliefs

The incarnation and resurrection are essential
There are many ways to God and they are all through Jesus
Jesus loves everyone
I fully affirm LGBTQ+ people
Black Lives Matter
Some of the best priests are women

my portfolio

Check out some of my work that has been published elsewhere.

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